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Why Choose Us?

The hiring of a management company is an important decision that should never be taken lightly. The goal of every team member at Key Pointe Property Management is to make our client’s business and personal life easier. We are committed to providing the best solutions to the various challenges faced every day by community associations.


As students and practitioners in various capacities of Tampa’s property management sector, we see a need to rejuvenate the methods of association management with a blend of technological integration, efficient practices, and a return to personalized service—something the Bay Area has lost with the popularity of consolidating management firms under large and obscure corporations.


With well over three million people and growing, Tampa is a city constantly expanding in number and diversity. KPPM team members have lived and worked in Tampa. Therefore, we believe an understanding of the city’s business culture and social fabric is essential when administering community management services.


KPPM will supply licensed Community Association Managers to facilitate management of your association. Our accounting department will furnish monthly financials, handle accounts receivable and payable, and more.


All information concerning your association (i.e. financial records, personnel and homeowner information, etc.) will be maintained on private channels, and backed up regularly to secure locations. We exercise scrutiny of our securities systems regularly in order to ensure there are no vulnerabilities.


We utilize a state-of-the-art system that is tailored specifically for association management. This system allows your association to access customized financial reports from any computer connected to the internet. Other documentation such as field reports, invoices, work order requests, and more are provided with this system. We want you to be aware and engaged. This is an exciting platform that is able to involve all parties in our business functions.


There are certain elements of your financial autonomy that should be retained. That is why KPPM uses a system of proposal and review before proceeding with monetary transactions. When it comes to billing and payment, we generate invoices through our online system for the board to review and approve. If the agreed upon terms are me, payment can be executed in minutes.


KPPM offers web portals for community associations. These are unique websites that provide homeowners with relevant news concerning their association. Important documents will also be uploaded on these websites for users who need to submit work order requests and other forms of that nature. A community forum section will give users the opportunity to exchange news and information; a great alternative when members are unable to attend association meetings. Calendars, archived monthly newsletters, and urgent notifications some of the other great features our web portal supplies.