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  • What is an association manager?

    Answer: An association manager is hired and appointed by the Board of Directors to implement approved policies and procedures and provide effective management and guidance for daily administrative, financial, and operational duties of the association.

  • What is the purpose of a community association?

    Answer: The primary purpose of a community association is to establish an entity that will preserve, maintain, enhance and protect the value of property and amenities within the boundaries of a specific community. Community associations are commonly established as a non-profit corporation.

  • What are governing documents?

    Answer: Governing documents are recorded legal documents which may include Articles of Incorporation, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, Bylaws, among others which determine structure of an association and establish obligations and responsibilities of its members, elected officer and directors.

  • What are deed restrictions?

    Answer: Upon acceptance of a deed to property which is subject to conditions, covenants, and restrictions that “run with the land”, the owner is responsible for adherence to the provisions set forth in governing documents, which ensure rights of enjoyment and require compliance with specific restrictions.

  • Who controls the association?

    Answer: Community associations are initially controlled by a Declarant, generally the developer of a specific community, who filed the recorded governing documents.

    Individuals are appointed by the Declarant to serve as the association’s Board of Directors until stated requirements have been met for transition to owner control and membership election of the Board of Directors.

Other Questions

  • What is common area?

    Answer: The term common area is generally used to describe all elements within the community that are owned and maintained by the association and dedicated to shared use and enjoyment of all owners.
  • How do I pay fees due the association?

    Answer: Association assessment fees (dues) are billed by statement when due and payable. Payment should be made only by check payable to the association or by electronic bank account debit or credit card debit if selective options of payment methods are offered by the association.

  • Are governing documents received by each association member?

    Answer: Copies of governing documents are provided along with closing documents when purchase transaction is completed. Additional or replacement copies may be obtained from the association for a nominal fee.

  • Who should be contacted for association inquiry or service?

    Answer: The association manager is responsible for receipt and response of association inquiries and service requests. Requests requiring attention of the Board of Directors will be referred for consideration.

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