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Our Story

In early 2012 our owner and founder, Matthew Sawyer, moved to the Tampa Bay Area and began his work in the community association field. During that time Matthew acquired a comprehensive knowledge of property management, but also noticed a discreditable constant: a lack of communication between management firms and the communities under their administration. The industry had become monopolized in a manner that communities have simply become manila envelopes stashed in file cabinets with attention seldom being paid, and service often forgotten. Matthew’s observations became a mission to restore the personal attention each community association deserves. That mission has become Key Pointe Property Management.

Matthew has the dedication, passion, and experience to make community associations thrive. With a staff that shares his vision, a comprehensive technological system, and an eye for efficiency, Matthew has bolstered KPPM with the tools necessary to deliver his brand of property management: a brand that puts communication at the helm of operations, so that clients stay informed, engaged, and are never on hold.

·       Be involved
·       Honesty first
·       Quality at its best
·       Kindness to all
·       Fairness for all

Core Values



The staff at KPPM have lived and worked in the Bay Area for years, and therefore, our brand lives and breathes the local culture. Our understanding of the Tampa Bay area allows us to personalize the experience of each community association we serve.

Our staff utilizes several platforms of technology to provide efficient service that Board of Directors and homeowners can utilize in a simple, transparent way. Better service. Better cost.

KPPM staff are also involved in community outreach programs such as Metropolitan Ministries, Children’s Cancer Center, and Hope Children’s Home. We believe a commitment to the communities we serve extends beyond the scope of association management.


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